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Trauma des voies aériennes

Blunt and Penetrating Airway Trauma 

Duggan  LV et Al.. Emerg Med Clin North Am. 2023 Feb;41(1S):e1-e15. 


C'est une chose compliquée, pas simple surtout en condition de combat et qui justifie la maîtrise d'un abord chirurgical du cou.  Ce document est, je trouve, excellent.


Airway injury, be that penetrating or blunt, is a high-stakes high-stress management challenge for any airway manager and their team. Penetrating and blunt airway injury vary in injury patterns requiring prepracticed skills and protocols coordinating care between specialties. Variables including patient cooperation, coexisting injuries, cardiorespiratory stability, care location (remote vs tertiary care center), and anticipated course of airway injury (eg, oxygenating well and comfortable vs increasing subcutaneous emphysema) all play a role in determining airway if and when airway management is required. Direct airway trauma is relatively infrequent, but its presence should be accompanied by in-person or virtual otolaryngology support.

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