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Substituts au sang: Ils arrivent !

Artificial oxygen carriers- past, present and the future-a review of the most innovative and clinically relevant concepts.

Ferenz KB et Al. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2019 Mar 5. pii: jpet.118.254664. doi: 10.1124/jpet.118.254664.


La question du transport de l'oxygène est fondamentale pour le traumatisé sévère. La recherche de transporteurs artificiels d'oxygène sont un axe fondamental de la recherche. Il se trouve qu'une entreprise bretonne fait partie des quelques équipes travaillant sur le sujet (voir ici)

Blood transfusions are daily practice in hospitals. As these products are limited in availability and have various, harmful side-effects, researchers have pursued the goal to develop artificial blood components for about 40 years. Development of oxygen therapeutics and stem cells are more recent goals. Medline,, and ANZCTR were searched up to November 2017 using search terms related to artificial blood products to identify new and ongoing research of the last 5 years. For already well-known products that are, however, important to the field or relevant to gain a better understanding, the reader is punctually referred to some important articles older than 5 years. This review includes not only clinically relevant substances such as heme-oxygenating carriers (HBOCs), PFOCs, stem cells and organ conservation, but also interesting pre-clinically advanced compounds depicting the pipeline of potential new products. In- depths insights into specific benefits and limitations of each substance, including the biochemical and physiological background are included. "Fancy" ideas such as Iron-based substances, O2-microbubbles, cyclodextranes or lugworms are also elucidated. To conclude, this systematic up-to-date review includes all actual achievements and ongoing clinical trials in the field of artificial blood products to pursue the dream of artificial oxygen carrier supply. Research is on the right track, but the task is demanding and challenging.

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