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Gelures: L'expérience indienne

Management of Cold Injuries 

Hota PK et Al. Surgical Research Updates, 2013, 1, 20-25

Un article produit par une équipe ayant une grande connaissance de cette pathologie. La place de l'oxygénothérapie hyperbare y est mise en avant.


Cold injuries are very common among the troops deployed in high altitude regions. Now days, it is also seen  among the civilian populations like mountaineers and winter sportspersons. There is no definitive treatment protocol  available for this entity. In this study, 234 patients of various degrees of cold injuries were treated with a standard  protocol of multidrug therapy with a view to combat the effects of cold injury at various steps of pathogenesis. Deep frost  bite cases were subjected to Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT). An encouraging result was found in our study with this  protocol. There was less morbidity. Healing time, hospital stay and loss of digits were less. Multidrug therapy with  Pentoxyphylline, Ibuprofen and soluble aspirin was a better treatment modality than single drug used in the treatment of  cold injuries. HBOT was found to reduce morbidity to a great extent along with saving a number of digits from  amputation. 


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