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Mieux maîtriser les voies aériennes: Un axe majeur pour réduire la motalité préhospitalière du traumatisé


Analysis of Preventable Trauma Deaths and Opportunities for Trauma Care Improvement in Utah

Sanddall T. et all.

JTrauma. 2011;70:970–977


Conclusions: The preventable death rate from trauma demonstrated in Utah is similar to that found in other settings where the trauma system is under development but has not reached full maturity. OFIs predominantly exist in the ED and relate to airway management, fluid resuscitation, and chest injury management. Resource organization and education of ED primary care providers in basic principles of stabilization and initial treatment may be the most cost-effective method of reducing preventable deaths in this mixed urban and rural setting. Similar opportunities exist in the prehospital and post-ED phases of care.



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