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Altitude et acclimatation: Pas si simple

Determinants of Acclimatisation in High Altitude

Col VS Syed*, Maj Gen S Sharma+, Col RP Singh#


Background: A total of 31 cases of effects of high altitude were admitted to a field hospital from a particular sector during the year 2008.  This study was hence undertaken to see the efficacy of acclimatisation as well as outline the determinants of acclimatisation

Methods: The study monitored the transients in the acclimatisation period as well as laid down the guidelines to certify the fitness after the acclimatisation period.

Result: Almost 4.70% of transients were found unfit to proceed to higher altitudes even after acclimatisation. Tachycardia with oxygen saturation below 90% by digital pulse oximetry were the parameters found to be statistically significant as an indicator declare a person as not fully acclimatised or otherwise.

Conclusion: The administrative authorities must ensure that an individual is fully acclimatized, based on the fitness certificat

issued, before being dispatched to their units located in high altitude areas.

MJAFI 2010; 66 : 261-265


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